Sunday, September 24th no 8:00 am Mass at St. Patrick, Mass will be held at 10:30am due to our Parish Festival.





























 Weekend Mass Schedule

Saturday:   Holy Family, La Valle 4:00 pm

     St. Boniface, Lime Ridge 7:30 pm


Sunday:     St. Patrick, Loreto 8:00 am

                    Holy Family, La Valle 10:15 am


Private Reconciliation

Half hour before each Mass


Weekday Masses

Tuesday:       St. Boniface Adoration 4:30-5:30 pm 

                        St. Boniface  5:30 pm


Wednesday:  Holy Family 9:00 am

                          Holy Family 7:30 pm on the

                        1st, 3rd, and 5th Week of the Month

                         St. Patrick 7:30 pm at on the

                        2nd, and 4th Week of the Month

Beginning on Wednesday, October 11th, 2017


Thursday:       St. Patrick 9:00 am

                          Sauk County Health Care Center,

                        Reedsburg 10:30 am 


Friday:           Holy Family 9:00 am

 Tri-Parish Catholic Community of      

 La Valle, Lime Ridge, and Loreto


Holy Family, St. Boniface, and St. Patrick

                                  Our Lady of the Fields, Pray for us.


Rev. Fr. Sanctus K. Ibe



 PO Box 166

 LaValle, WI 53941

 Tri-Parish Office 608-985-7558


 Tri-Parish Secretary

 Julie Hineman




Sacrament Information

· Anointing of the Sick Contact Rev. Fr. Sanctus Ibe at 985-7558


· All Sacraments including Baptism, Confirmation, and Marriage Please contact the Tri-Parish Office at 985-7558 or email or


· Religious Education call or email the Tri-Parish Office